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Python developers survey 2019

Python developers survey 2019

Hey Pythonista,

This is the third iteration of the official Python Developers Survey. With this survey, we aim to identify how the Python development world looks today and how it compares to last year. In 2018 we received  20,000 responses from Python developers, who shared their experience to help us map out an accurate landscape of the Python community.

The results of this survey serve as a major source of knowledge about the current state of the Python community, so we encourage you to participate and take this 10-minute survey and make an invaluable contribution to the community. 

After the survey is over, we will publish the aggregated results and randomly choose 100 winners (from those who complete the survey in its entirety), who will each receive an amazing Python Surprise Gift Pack.

Thank you for contributing to this community effort!

Let’s get started with the survey!